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Number Junkies provides both remote and on-site bookkeeping and accounting-related consulting services.  Remote services allow us to work with companies anywhere.  As bookkeeping pros, we offer you services ranging from basic bookkeeping needs to complex audit responses.

Imagine increasing your cash flow, having up to date reports when you need them, relying on your financial information, and trusting your bookkeeper will be available for your business all the time.  If that is what you are looking for, then Number Junkies is for you. Getting reliable financial information and management reporting does not have to be frustrating and in fact, can even be painless!

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Ever asked yourself…

“Why can’t I find a good bookkeeper?” or “How do I find a good bookkeeper?”  Yes?  You are not alone, and we can help.

Good bookkeepers are educated, trained, experienced, and love what they do. Hiring an employee to answer the phones and “do the books” might not meet your needs if the employee has not been trained in bookkeeping processes or has little business experience.  If you need an employee to do your day-to-day bookkeeping, we can train them in best bookkeeping practices.  Using Number Junkies for your bookkeeping needs may be a better choice.  We’ll help you figure this out — your first step starts with identifying your needs.

Our consulting services take you from “I can’t find a good bookkeeper” to “I have such a great bookkeeper”!  Identify problem. Call Us. Fix Problem. What could be easier?

If you want to work with a digit-crazy, highly accurate, super efficient number nerd on your side then Contact Number Junkies!

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